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Words from the Editor-in-Chief

October 6, 2015

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Jason Sizemore is the owner and editor-in-chief of Apex Magazine and the Apex Book Company. You can follow him online via his Twitter feed @apexjason.

Welcome to issue 77!

This month, we offer four original short stories by D.K. Thompson, Aaron Saylor, Maurice Broaddus and Arkady Martine. These stories are nothing alike in tone, setting, style, or mood. But they all share a central theme of “protection.” If you enjoy unique explorations of a singular conceit, then we have a great issue for you. And if you want your eyebrows raised and your tropes turned upside down, then read “Super Duper Fly” by Maurice Broaddus. If this story doesn’t start a discussion, then I will be very disappointed in you!

Or if you simply like a good werewolf story, well, we have that, too. It is the Witching month, after all!

Our reprint is from a genre favorite: Nathan Ballingrud. He’s a common presence on award ballots and the Year’s Best reprint anthologies. In fact, the novelette in this issue shows up on several Best Of table of contents.

This month we present poetry by Sarah Hollowell, Zachary Riddle, Gregg Chamberlain, and Laurel Dixon. Lucy A. Snyder examines the concept of unreliable narrators in the fiction of Caitlín R. Kiernan and Robert W. Chambers. Andrea Johnson and Russell Dickerson’s interviews feature author D.K. Thompson and cover artist Joshua Hutchinson. We’re delighted to bring you an excerpt from The Pickpocket’s Tale, a novel co-written by two science fiction icons, Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart (of the band Rush). Finally, we’re pleased to present an excerpt of Kameron Hurley’s Empire Ascendant (The Worldbreaker Saga).

While this issue comes out several weeks prior to Halloween, I would like to close with a word of advice. If you’re giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, remember that nobody likes candy corn. Nobody.

Until next time…

Jason Sizemore


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