Blood on Vellum: Notes from the Editor-in-Chief

July 3, 2012

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Lynne M. Thomas was the Apex Magazine editor-in-chief for 24 issues (30-53).

Welcome to issue 38. It is my great pleasure to bring you some stunning fiction this month.

In our three new stories, Ken Liu weaves a tragic tale of love, theft, and loss in “The Silk Merchants.” Alec Austin humanizes steampunk zombies (yes, steampunk zombies) in “Ironheart.” Sarah Monette brings coyote justice in “Coyote Gets His Own Back.”

Our classic revisited comes from Kij Johnson this month. “Wolf Trapping” was originally published in Twilight Zone. Kij has a short story collection coming out from Small Beer Press this month; you can read more about it, along with her thoughts on writing, editorial process, and the teaching of writing, in her interview with Maggie Slater

Award-winning fanzine editor Christopher J. Garcia explains exactly what we’re all missing out on if we don’t read fanzines. Our cover this month is by the fantastic Bruce Holwerda.

We are very excited about going to WorldCon and the Hugo Awards Ceremony as first-time nominees for Best Semiprozine over Labor Day weekend in Chicago. We are deeply grateful for all of your support and hope to see you there!

You may see printed Apex Magazine samplers in the wild at conventions, with fiction from Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette, an essay from Jim C. Hines, and an interview with Maureen McHugh. If you would like a free eBook copy of the Sampler, it is available here: In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy this issue of Apex Magazine.

Lynne M. Thomas
Apex Magazine

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