Blood on Vellum: Notes from the Editor-in-Chief1 min read

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Welcome to issue 45 of Apex Magazine. This month, we draw our inspiration from well-known surreal tales of ghosts and folly, blood and love, showing our hopes and fears beyond the worlds we know so well.

All the world’s a stage, and this month’s writers are providing their own scripts.

Ophelia seeks the truth of work onstage, for Merrie Haskell’s robot tale of love. Kat Howard stakes the wherefores as, in loss, her Juliet finds a sage new way to be. Patricia Wrede shows a mother’s grief: her ghostly son in madness taken; she, bereft. The Scottish Play on worlds apart becomes more tragic in Kate Elliot’s tale retold. And Sarah Monette demonstrates that all we know of Hamlet may not hold with truth.

These ghosts and tales together form a theme both bold and true.  My hope is that this silly verse gives Apex fans a subtle clue.

I hope that you enjoy this themed issue of Apex Magazine. I promise never to attempt to commit this sort of editorial silliness again. I want to especially thank Delia Sherman for her helpful advice, which made this editorial possible in all of its metric glory.

Lynne M. Thomas

Lynne M. Thomas

Lynne M. Thomas

Lynne M. Thomas was the Apex Magazine editor-in-chief for 24 issues (30-53).
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