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Telling Stories of Ghosts

I spent three or four years giving every dead creature I found in our yard or along our narrow country road a proper burial. Instead of joining Girl Scouts or 4H, I devoured books about ghosts and the undead. Instead of becoming horse crazed, as so many second- and third-grade girls do, I developed a passion for war, weapons, and Romantic poetry. I eschewed pink for a palette of all-black.


Jimi Hendrix Sang It

Until only recently, the World Fantasy Award, both the winner’s trophy and the nomination pins, were a bust of the author H.P. Lovecraft. Howard Phillips Lovecraft, someone who clearly had zero compunctions against being the worst he could be under the most specious of excuses, is well-known for pointedly toxic, virulent racism.


Trapped In Stories

Stories are good; stories are dangerous. We know this, if from nothing else, then from stories themselves. Stories save Scheherazade; stories drive Don Quixote mad. How do we tell the difference?


Let’s Talk About Afrofuturism

It’s been the center of much debate and conversation lately due to the concept entering the mainstream public consciousness. This is even truer now that Black Panther has broken all sorts of box office records. Honestly, this an exciting time for someone like me, as I believe that Afrofuturism is an ideology and practice that every Black person can benefit from.


The Pros and Cons of Stage Directions

I started acting on stage at seven. My first role was Marcie in We’re All Stars, Charlie Brown. I don’t remember the audition, but I do remember my mother’s reaction: something along the lines of “What? My child, with her nose permanently stuck in books, whose best friend is a tree, is going to stand up in front of people? AND SING??”