Issue 126Words for Thought

Words for Thought: October 2021

Welcome to another Words for Thought! This month’s column will discuss three recent stories and two slightly older stories, all by Indigenous authors, and all dealing in some way with the theme of perspective and perception. How do we see ourselves, how do others...

Issue 126Short Fiction

Security Breach at Sugar Pine Suites

Birdie said, “Kidnappings are rare.”
Wyatt fixed his eyes on her for a long moment. “Your employee communicator work?”
“Emergency announcements only.”
“Wish we could talk to someone.”
“They would tell us to stay put.”
The ship system made another announcement: “Emergency Lockdown. Not a Drill. Wait for instructions.”
Birdie and Wyatt exchanged a queasy glance.
“We’re safe,” she repeated.

EditorialIssue 126

Indigenous Futurists Editorial

My grandfather was a poet. Not one you’ve heard of—his work was never widely distributed—but a poet nonetheless. He wrote about his family, about my grandmother, and about his spirituality—things that were personal to him—but his writing was always contained in the...