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Issue 125Short Fiction


Stars snap into place outside Lura’s cockpit. A red giant twenty degrees off her ship’s nose has visibly shifted position. The nebula above her has grown more diffuse. She exhales, clicks the button to log another successful breach, and lets herself blink while the flight computer calculates the next FTL jump.

Issue 125Words for Thought

Words for Thought: September 2021

In this edition of Words for Thought, A.C. looks at stories Welcome to another Words for Thought! Fall is on the horizon, though as I write this, it’s still miserably humid outside and cooler weather, turning leaves, and a desire to switch to hot coffee from iced feels ages away. Fall may well be my favorite season, a little melancholy, but also beautiful, hope and loss mixed all into one. These five stories are all about dealing with grief nnd loss in some way, but also have a degree of hopefulness.