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Current IssueIssue 130Short Fiction

In the Garden of Ibn Ghazi

It gave me a queer feeling—one I’ve never been able to fully shake. I know that’s a huge statement for something that must seem so trivial … but at the same time, please understand me when I say that I’m sure I read this story. My memory of its images—those I can recall, I mean—is as sharp in my mind as many of my own past experiences, and now it is sharper still, whetted by my subsequent mental self-interrogation.

Current IssueIssue 130Short Fiction


Later that night on his flight home, Chad gulped a third Merlot. His head pounded and his eyes burned. Even if the department voted for him, he would still have to face the wrath of that hellcat who was on to him. And there were plenty more of them in Oklahoma. He knew he could not win.

Current IssueIssue 130Short Fiction

The First Promise We Break

I may have looked meek, but the cliff they left me on was intimidating, and being pushed off a ledge by invisible hands is not an experience I could recommend. I lost consciousness as I fell, but woke in a grove of stately elms, entirely alone. If it wasn't for the tinkling chimes that floated through the grove, I might have cried myself to death there. However, I'd never heard water chimes before, so I roused myself to find the source of the beautiful bell-like tones. At the foot of the green-veined marble fountain with its brass metal cascades, I first met Zev.