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Short Fiction Appreciation by Rich Larson

Most short stories are forgettable. Not necessarily bad, but forgettable. You read them and you say, huh. Or hmm. Or nice. And move on. Some of them you like enough to bookmark, but, like with most bookmarks, you never actually go back. So the stories that you not...


Short Fiction Appreciation by Carolyn Charron

I like big books. I’m happy to spend weeks or months stranded in other worlds, awash in the dramas of paper families. I love their heft and bulk in my hands, smelling faintly of vanilla. I’m the kind of person that internet meme refers to—the one emotionally...


Apex Magazine Story of the Year 2014 Winner

The votes are in and the time has come to announce the Apex Magazine Story of the Year for 2014! The voting was close, with “Jackalope Wives” by Ursula Vernon, “Anthracite Weddings” by John Zaharick, “Candy Girl” by Chikodili Emelumadu, and “The House in Winter” by...


Apex Magazine Story of the Year 2014

It's that time of year again. Time to vote on your favorite original story published in the last year of Apex Magazine! The last two years, you guys have chosen absolutely stunning winners, giving the prestige and bragging rights to Brian Trent in 2013, and Alethea...


2013 Apex Magazine Cover of the Year Winner!

The voting is complete. Our readers have spoken. The winner of the Apex Magazine 2013 Cover of the Year is... Jason Mitchell & Stacey Ransom! Their artwork adorned the cover of issue 45. Congratulations to the artists, and thank you to all our readers who took...


2013 Apex Magazine Story of the Year Winner!

Congratulations to Brian Trent! His story “A Matter of Shapespace” has been selected by our fans and readers as the 2013 Apex Magazine Story of the Year! “A Matter of Shapespace” appeared in issue 51 (August, 2013). Thank you to all who voted! Read “A Matter of...