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Our Readers Have Spoken!

Apex Publications publisher Jason Sizemore and Apex Magazine editor-in-chief Lynne M. Thomas are pleased to announce that the voting has been tallied and reviewed. After having done so, we have determined a winner!

Congratulations to Aunia Kahn! Her artwork for issue 43 of Apex Magazine titled “Viral Tropism” has been selected by our readers as the best Apex Magazine artwork of 2012! She is our inaugural winner of our artist’s poll!

The 2012 poll had a total of 534 (!) different voters (compared to 520 for the writer’s poll). Aunia’s tallied over half the total votes with 286. Coming in second was Carrie Ann Baade with 177 votes for her creepy issue 41 artwork.

About Our Winner

Aunia KahnBorn on December 5th, 1977 in Michigan, Aunia Kahn is a self taught figurative artist who began creating art as a therapeutic response to a difficult upbringing. Kahn’s works combines many disciplines, wrapping them into a hybrid art form melding photography, painting and collage. She invariably designs, builds, and executes characters, non-existent places, dreams, illusions, fears and fables into creation, which meld elements of classical and contemporary art. Each work makes use of her own likeness in movie-like stills, dealing in varied taboo and often controversial subject matter to challenge the viewer, their understanding and preconceived notions; yet she connects through honest feeling and emotions. Aunia’s work has constantly evolved, earlier works dealt more with her past, while her more recent creations delve into present emotional conflicts and inspirations.

She is also the creator of the Silver Era Tarot deck, Inspirations for Survivors deck, Lowbrow Tarot Project, the forthcoming Tarot Under Oath, and Water Spirit Tarot, the author of Obvious Remote Chaos, Minding the Sea: Inviting the Muses Over for Tea, and a graphic/web designer. She currently resides in Illinois with her four German Shepherds and black cat in her secret closet.

Apex hopes you visit Aunia’s website at to view more of her amazing work.

The Winning Cover Art

Apex Magazine Issue 43

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