Snap Judgment #11 min read

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Our first Snap Judgment event is finished, and we’re happy to say it went rather well. You can watch a replay of the panel on our YouTube channel here or simply watch it below.

A hearty thank you to all the authors who submitted work for our panelists to critique. To offer your work to be publicly critiqued, even anonymously, requires a massive amount of bravery that I probably do not share. You are to be commended for your excellent writing (for every single submission we received was quite good) and dedication to your craft. Speaking for myself, Lesley Conner, and Mike Allen, we sincerely hope we were able to give you valuable feedback.

Regarding my fellow panelists, I want to thank Mike Allen and Lesley Conner for being brave and accepting my invitation to do Snap Judgment. It was a nerve-wracking experience to give on-the-fly in-the-moment live feedback on a very short number of words. You knocked it out of the park!

Thank you to Andrea Johnson for being a marvelous moderator. There’s a reason you’re my go to person for these things.

A nod of appreciation to Marissa Van Uden and Rebecca Schibler who helped pull it all together. Marissa did a great job producing the livestream.

We hope to do these quarterly with a different guest panelist. The next one will be in October and we’re already working on lining up our next guest!

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