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Hey Apex Readers,

Starting today, we are experimenting with running above the fold web advertising using an ad delivery service. You’ll find a leaderboard banner appearing at the bottom of your browser on both mobile and desktop. These banners are able to be closed by clicking the X on the top right of the graphic. But we hope you find the services offered by our advertisers to be of interest and not in the way!

Running a digital genre short fiction zine is a challenge at the best of times…a fun challenge, certainly, but one that requires funding. We’ve had fantastic support from our Kickstarter backers, Patreon patrons, and subscribers in the past year. But with our decision to do no further funding Kickstarters combined with the loss of expected revenue from the shuttering Amazon Periodicals digital program, we’re exploring alternative means to hitting our financial goals.

You’ll notice that we used the word “experimenting” in the lead paragraph because we always want our readers to have a positive user experience when visiting If our readers find that the new ads are too intrusive, we will end the experiment or seek to integrate third party ad content in a different manner.

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the changes in our ad strategy. The policy can be found here.

If you’d like to help Apex Magazine secure its future and to make sure we’re able to continue the work of publishing some of the best dark SF, dark fantasy, and horror, there are a number of ways to support us.

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