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Jason Sizemore
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We had a great day yesterday and we’re now looking at the possibility of seeing our two dream issues of Apex Magazine come to fruition.

We’re $1384 away from funding a bonus issue with a focus on Indigenous fantasists. Allison Mills (who you might remember from “If a Bird Can Be a Ghost”) will be our guest editor should it fund. She appears in our first Indigenous fantasists issue back in 2017. Her story served as the launching point for her debut novel The Ghost Collector.

Allison Mills

A little further down the funding road ($5134) is a bonus issue of international/translated fiction edited by Francesco Verso. Francesco is the author of Nexhuman. He is an award-winning author and activist for translated works.

Francesco Verso
Francesco Verso

Should they fund, each issue will be a bonus in addition to our six scheduled volumes in 2021. Each will contain an equal amount of content as a regular issue (six stories, two nonfiction pieces, two interviews, editorial). The guest editors will be selecting all content to be published and it will be their decision to solicit work or if they wish to have an open reading period.

We’re in the final leg of this Kickstarter. Help us go out with a flourish and fund these wonderful stretch goals!

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