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Jason Sizemore
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Starting with episode #86 (January 2022), Alyson Grauer will become the new Apex Magazine Podcast producer and host. Our listeners will be familiar with Alyson’s talent as a voice actor as she has narrated three stories for us in the past few years. What you might not know is that Alyson is an experienced and extremely talented audio producer. Apex is delighted to have such a wonderful and all-around skilled individual stepping into the role. 

Of course, this means we’re having to say goodbye to our friend, long-time host, and audio producer, KT Bryski. KT is stepping away to focus on her ascending writing career and to tackle other major personal projects. She joined us four years ago (episode #51, September 2017). During her tenure, she has worked hard to build a reputation for the Apex Magazine Podcast consisting of quality and professional production. Since 2017, under her leadership, our listener numbers have tripled. We’ve loved having KT on the team, and we’ll miss working with her.

About the podcast

The Apex Magazine Podcast is released on the first Tuesday of each month and features a professional audio presentation of one short story published in the latest issue of Apex Magazine. The list of narrators we’ve worked with includes Lori Henry, Brea Grant, Sheree Renee Thomas, Christopher Soren Kelly, Drew Mierzejewski, and Leeman Kessler.

About Alyson Grauer

Alyson Grauer is an author, actor, and podcaster based out of Chicago. Her first novel, On the Isle of Sound and Wonder, is a steampunk Shakespeare retelling and her short fiction has appeared in Apparition Lit, Cast of Wonders, and several indie anthologies. Her audio production work can be heard on such podcasts as Skyjacks: Courier’s Call, The Write Mindset, Warda, and the One Shot Podcast Secret Archive. She’s also known for performing at renaissance faires and world-class theme parks. Find her at or on Twitter & Instagram @dreamstobecome.


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