Kickstarter Funded! On to Amazing Stretch Goal (FLASH FICTION)!1 min read

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We woke up this morning to some fantastic news: our Kickstarter reached its funding goal!

This is a big milestone for us. The money from this Kickstarter will allow Apex and our team to bring more of the strange, surreal, shocking, and beautiful that you’ve come to expect.

Thank you for helping make our 2023 a reality!

Celebrate With Us

You’re invited to a party!

Our co-eic and publisher, Jason Sizemore, will be on Instagram Live at 2:30pm eastern today to celebrate our funding. He plans to do a celebratory shot of bourbon and encourages everyone to bring a shot of their favorite drink whether its water or Kool-aid or Coke, it doesn’t matter. Just come with your metaphorical party hats on!

IG Live link:

What’s Next?

Beginning tomorrow, we turn our focus to the first stretch goal $14,000. If we hit that mark, we will add two original flash fiction stories to every issue! We love flash fiction at Apex Magazine and have hopes that we can knock out this goal quickly.

Head on over to our Kickstarter and help us get a jump on hitting this first goal!

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