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This October, Apex Magazine will publish an Indigenous Futurists issue of the zine. This issue was funded by our 2021 Kickstarter and is guest-edited by Allison Mills (Ililiw/Cree).

Allison has compiled her list of original fiction contributors.

  • “Security Breach at Sugar Pine Suites” by Pamela Rentz (Karuk Tribe)
  • “When Evening Arrives” by Tiffany Morris (Mi’kmaw)
  • “Happy Trails” by Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr. (Anishinaabe)
  • “Spirits of the Broken Lands” by Kevin Wabaunsee (Prairie Band Potawatomi)
  • “An Incident at Hellpoint Prime” by Norris Black (Haudenosaunee)
  • “Marked by Bears” by Jessie Loyer (Cree-Métis)

The stories are great across the board. It’s a wonderful group of work representing the unique voice, perspective, and style of Indigenous genre writers. Allison has done a fantastic job, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

We should have a full TOC available along with cover art to release in the next couple of weeks.

Despite doing outreach to writing communities outside of North America, we did not receive many submissions from non-Canadian/US Indigenous writers. While this is disappointing, it is also a learning experience for us. We needed to do a better job emphasizing the inclusiveness of our definition of Indigenous. Our outreach needs to be stronger and more wide-ranging. While there is no way of confirming, I do think many Indigenous writers didn’t submit because they assumed Indigenous was restricted to North America and the major settler-colonial countries (Canada, US, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa).

I’m confident there will be a second Indigenous Futurists issue where we’ll have an opportunity to showcase non-Canadian/US Indigenous writers!


Hey, if you’re excited about our Indigenous Futurists issue, then check out our 2022 Kickstarter! We’re hoping to fund an Asian & Pacific Islanders bonus issue next year!

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