Fiction Editor Q&A with Jason Sizemore, Lesley Conner, & Maurice Broaddus1 min read

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Last year’s live Q&A with our editorial team was a successful and fun event, so we’ve decided to do it again!

Join us this Friday, August 6th at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific, 12am UTC) for our 2021 Fiction Editor Q&A with Apex Magazine editor-in-chief Jason Sizemore, managing editor Lesley Conner, and special fiction editor Maurice Broaddus! Our host for the evening will be popular Apex Magazine author Beth Dawkins. She will lead the editor panel in conversation, pose questions submitted prior to the event, and choosing questions from live chat.

Writing is a challenging task. A profession for some, a hobby for others. Regardless, there is often a shared sense of helplessness when it comes to matters such as who is published, why they’re published, and the processes behind those decisions. 

It is with these three questions in mind (who/why/how) that we subject our short fiction editorial team to your questions and force them to answer on livestream! Join Jason Sizemore, Lesley Conner, and Maurice Broaddus for a live Apex Magazine event—Apex Magazine Editor Q&A! 

Do you have a question you would like to ask our editors?

Email associate editor Rebecca Schibler ([email protected]) with your first name along with your question. Nearly anything is game, though we can’t promise to use your question!

Alternatively, you can pose a question in the live chat that will be available on our YouTube stream or leave a comment on the post that contains the Patreon stream.

How to watch the livestream

You have two options. Both are free for anybody to view.



About Our Host

Beth Dawkins grew up on front porches, fighting imaginary monsters with sticks, and building castles out of square hay bales. She currently lives in Northeast Georgia with her partner in crime and their offspring. She can be found on Twitter @BethDawkins.

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