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On Saturday, September 17th, Apex Magazine received the British Fantasy Society Award for Best Magazine/Periodical. We are thrilled and humbled by this honor – and slightly in awe of the beautiful award. Our team member, Hesper Leveret, was there to accept the award on our behalf and gave a lovely speech.

We want to reiterate what was said in that speech and thank our amazing team of first readers, without whom Apex Magazine could not function. They read hundreds of submissions and help our editorial team curate the incredible collections we bring to you every other month. Their dedication makes everything else possible. Thank you team!

We’d also like to take a moment to highlight the excellence of the other nominees. Anathema publishes speculative stories from Queer/Two Spirit BIPOC writers tri-annually since April 2017. Black Static, published by TTA Press, releases weird and horror fiction and has been publishing since 1993. Ginger Nuts of Horror reviews horror with a large team of reviewers for over 15 years. Interzone has been publishing  “fantastika” since 1982. Shorelines of Infinity publishes stories that “inspire us, give us hope, provide some laughs.” Apex Magazine is honored to be in such excellent company.

Finally, we have to acknowledge our hard-working and passionate staff. Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner co-edit our magazine, alongside Special Fiction Editor Maurice Broaddus, Nonfiction Editor ZZ Claybourne, Podcast Producer Alli Nesbit, and associate editors Marissa van Uden and Rebecca Schibler.

As was said in our speech: When we created Apex, we did so with the hope that what we’re creating will be read, will make a difference in a positive way. That validation, receiving this award, is a fantastic feeling, and we will cherish this moment far into the future.

See the full list of nominees here, and the winners here. Our deepest thanks to the British Fantasy Society, voters, and jurors.

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