Apex Magazine 2021 Award Eligibility2 min read

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We have wrapped up our year of original short fiction. Again, thank you to our readers, subscribers, and backers who helped make our return from hiatus a cause for celebration! We’re proud of the outstanding fiction and authors we had the opportunity to publish in 2021!

Quick by-the-numbers for stat fanatics.

  • 8 issues released (Issues 121-128)
  • 6 regular issues. 2 bonus issues (Indigenous Futurists, International Futurists).
  • 48 original stories published
  • 220,000 words of original fiction

There are a number of prestigious awards honoring works of science fiction and fantasy. Perhaps most notable of these are the Hugo Awards and the Nebula Awards. The stories listed below are eligible in the short fiction categories of most major SF/F awards.

Additionally, Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner are eligible for the Hugo Award category of Best Editor (Short Form). They’re a co-editing team, so if you’d like to nominate Jason and Lesley, please nominate them together.

Apex Magazine is considered a professional magazine, so we are not eligible for Best Semiprozine Hugo category.

Apex Magazine 2021 Short Fiction

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