Apex 2021 Reader’s Choice Award & Cover of the Year1 min read

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Voting for our annual Reader’s Choice Awards opens today and will close on January 19th. For the Story of the Year, you can vote for up to three stories. Only one vote for Cover of the Year. This is honor system, but if we notice anyone voting for more than three stories, those votes will be tossed out.

We are also running a Best Microfiction Award over on our Patreon.

Winner of the Story of the Year and the Cover of the Year will get bragging rights and a certificate signed by both Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner.

Vote for Story of the Year: https://forms.gle/cMy1HZUefpfgj8QG6

Vote for Cover of the Year: https://forms.gle/4MuWs9bkpAKZSyR3A

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