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Our 2023 Apex Magazine Kickstarter has launched! Funding this KS secures the first three issues of Apex Magazine next year.

We have a list of wonderful backer rewards and add-ons for you this year including discounted subscriptions, bundles, and new swag.

What are you waiting for? Head over to our Kickstarter project page to bag your goodies!

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In 2019, Apex Magazine was forced into hiatus following our editor-in-chief’s health problems. In mid-2020, sporting freshly installed titanium parts, the zine’s cyborg editor reclaimed the Apex empire with the help of 779 incredible Kickstarter backers and an amazing team of editors (Lesley Conner, Maurice Broaddus, and Shana DuBois).

Ten years and 120 issues of momentum and subscriptions were abruptly lost because of our unexpected closure.

Kickstarter has not only helped us reclaim the momentum we lost but has brought us closer to sustainability while reaching all of our goals. It’s also brought us to our people and finding our community at large.

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Our funding goal of $12,000 will secure issues 136, 137, and 138—this includes paying our writers, artists, etc. as well as covering our overhead costs like Kickstarter fees, website and podcasting hosting, paying our editorial staff, and more.

You can also look forward to original fiction from our six Commitment to Quality authors throughout 2023.

  • Jordan Kurella (I Never Liked You AnywayWhen I Was Lost)
  • Suyi Davies Okunbowa (Son of the StormWarrior of the Wind)
  • Christopher Rowe (Telling the MapThe Navigating Fox)
  • Sarah Hollowell (A Dark and Starless Forest)
  • Sara Tantlinger (The Devil’s Dreamland: Poetry Inspired by H.H. HolmesCradleland of Parasites)
  • Aurelius Raines II (Dead Inside: Poetry and Essays about ZombiesBlack Power: A Superhero Anthology)

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