Issue 93


Words from the Editor-in-Chief by Jason Sizemore


Queen of Dirt by Nisi Shawl
The Bells by Lyndsie Manusos
You Too Shall Be Psyche by Rich Larson
Servant of the Aswang by Samuel Marzioli
As Long As You Can Stand It by Joanna Truman (Valentine’s Flash Fiction Winner)
Butterfly Man by Tonya Walter (Valentine’s Flash Fiction Winner)
St. Theophilus the Penitent by Rich Larson (Valentine’s Flash Fiction Winner)


Fury by Simona Sušec


Interview with Author Nisi Shawl by Andrea Johnson
Feature with LifeAfter Podcast Playwright Mac Rogers by Jason Sizemore
Interview with Cover Artist Adrian Borda by Russell Dickerson
Words for Thought: Short Fiction Review by A.C. Wise

Cover art by Adrian Borda