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Sam Asher

Sam Asher will never be completely clear which genre of fiction he writes in but is 90% sure it’s definitely fiction, probably. A fortunate member of the Clarion 2020 Ghost Class, he’s vastly experienced in Imposter Syndrome, ghost-hunting, and self-doubt. His work has appeared in Daily SF, Amazing Stories, Orca, and a dozen or so other venues far too good for him. He’s desperately worried he’s become a yawning bore since hitting sobriety, but would love for you to find out for yourself at @samasherwriter or


The man smooths over his mustache like it accentuates his Americanness, which it sort of does, and lifts the brim of his old Portland Sea Dogs cap to show his forehead, which I suppose he considers to be authentically American, like it has a mark of the treasury on it. He has the stim-marks behind the ears that tell me he’s a junkie, for splug, or wobble, or germ. Which is why he’s selling his rifle, I’m sure.