Pamela Rentz

Pamela Rentz is a citizen of the Karuk Tribe. She lives in Vancouver, Washington. You can find her online at or follow her on Twitter at @pamrentz.
Security Breach at Sugar Pine Suites

Security Breach at Sugar Pine Suites

Birdie said, “Kidnappings are rare.”
Wyatt fixed his eyes on her for a long moment. “Your employee communicator work?”
“Emergency announcements only.”
“Wish we could talk to someone.”
“They would tell us to stay put.”
The ship system made another announcement: “Emergency Lockdown. Not a Drill. Wait for instructions.”
Birdie and Wyatt exchanged a queasy glance.
“We’re safe,” she repeated.

Skinny Charlie’s Orbiting Teepee

Sighs and groans traveled back through the line. Some folks had been waiting in the delivery chamber a full sunrise-sunset click. The room suffered from cold gusty drafts and a solid metal floor that made the legs ache. Sadly, it was the only way to obtain government-issued items: repaired CommBundles, approved travel vouchers, medicines that weren’t distributed via more onerous channels.