Nir Yaniv

Nir Yaniv lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is the author of one short story collection in Hebrew, One Hell of a Writer, and of two novels co-written with Lavie Tidhar, A Fictional Murder and The Tel Aviv Dossier, published by Chizine in 2009. His new short story collection, The Love Machine & Other Contraptions, will be published this summer by Infinity Plus Books. Yaniv founded Israel’s first online F&SF magazine and, as a musician, created Israel’s first SF music album, The Universe in a Pita. Most recently, he produced and directed his first short film, Conspiracy, which was shown in several film festivals around the world including Sci Fi London. He also played a monster in the short Israeli horror film Eaten.


That day, the complacent city received three warnings. No one bothered to take notice. The city listened only to itself.

Benjamin Schneider’s Little Greys

When Benjamin Schneider came to my clinic and complained of mysterious coils on his left wrist, I wasn’t overly surprised. The term “hypochondriac” may have become overused years ago, but Benjamin nevertheless lived and acted as its perfect archetype.