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Milton J. Davis

Milton Davis is an award winning Black Fantastic fiction author and owner of MVmedia, LLC, a publishing company specializing in science fiction and fantasy based on African/African Diaspora culture, history, and traditions. Milton is the author of twenty-one books and publisher/editor of ten anthologies. His stories, The Swarm (2017) and Carnival (2020), were nominated the for the British Science Fiction Award, and his story, The Monsters of Mena Ngai appears in the Black Panther: Tales of Wakanda anthology.

Always and Forever

The reality is that there had always been Black authors and readers in speculative fiction, reaching as far back as the 19th century. Samuel Delany won the Nebula award in 1966, and there are very few people who are not familiar with the amazing work of Octavia Butler. However, despite their presence, the number of Black speculative fiction authors was sparse. Some surmised this was because there were few writing such works, but those of us who understand know that this lack of representation was seeded by those making the decisions of who would or would not be published.