Author: Maurice Broaddus

Super Duper Fly

Topher Blanderson stared at his computer screen, knowing something wasn’t quite right but unable to put his finger on it. The account numbers scrolled past, a series of figures moving so quickly, they were almost hypnotic. His head ached.

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I Can Transform You: The Carmillon

Elia stepped in between the two men and swept the back of Mac’s feet with her staff. He landed flush on his back, and by the time he realized his position, the butt of her staff pressed against his throat. The rest of the Carmillon gathered around, a wall of steel-eyed gazes whose body language hinted that they were well trained and not afraid to get in a fight. The detectives were clearly outnumbered.

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Pimp My Airship

This story from issue 2 (August, 2009) is one of the earliest known examples of Afrofuturist steampunk. Resistance and revolution served up on a memorable plate of characters and airships.

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