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Liz Argall

Liz Argall has been published in a range of places prestigious and not so prestigious and if you google “Liz Argall” most of the hits will be her in all their embarrassing glory. Liz writes love letters, songs, and poems to inanimate objects and creates the comic Things Without Arms and Without Legs, a comic about creatures who are kind. She has a website at lizargall.com.

Falling Leaves

Charlotte and Nessa met in Year Eight of Narrabri High School. Charlotte’s family were licensed refugees from the burning lands and the flooded coast, not quite landed, but a step apart from refugees that didn’t have dog tags.

Mermaid’s Hook

She caught treasures from the ship with her sisters; dangerous, exotic objects that plummeted through the water. Metal not yet rusted; fractured glass and timbers not yet smoothed by the sea; woven filaments as delicate as jellyfish, and as treacherous.