E.K. Wagner

E. K. Wagner is a speculative fiction writer, whose work has appeared in Perihelion,, The Colored Lens, and the Devilfish Review, among other publications. For her day job, she teaches at a small Midwestern university and researches the intricacies of medieval religious heresy. She is an avid and competitive board-gamer, and binges TV with the best of them. You can find her online at erinkwagner.wordpress.com.
Whose Mortal Taste

Whose Mortal Taste

It occurred to Tanager I that the humans were not dead, by their hopeful definition, but rather in stasis. Then again, they were most definitely dead by biological measures. The contradiction, it supposed, lay at the center of Oriole I’s initial irritation, the argument that had driven them all here. It was tempted to hiss under its breath, like a cat or some other small predator gone feral, but Tanager I did not know what purpose it would serve. It was an instinct, and instincts always made it uncomfortable. The humans had been driven by instinct and now what was left of them was frozen underground.

I Remember Your Face

She scrabbled in the dirt, sifting through dust piles, raising turrets and smashing castles. Her hands were coated with grime, the mud dark in the lines of her palms. Pushing her skirt up around her thighs, she examined her socks, gray with grit. She crouched down closer to the earth, and pressed both hands, fingers spread out, into the impressionable ground.