Charles Tan

Charles Tan is the editor of Lauriat: A Filipino–Chinese Speculative Fiction Anthology and the Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler. His fiction has appeared in publications such as The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories, Philippine Speculative Fiction, and the anthology The Dragon and the Stars. He has contributed nonfiction to websites such as The Shirley Jackson Awards, Fantasy Magazine, The World SF Blog, and SF Signal. You can visit his blog, Bibliophile Stalker.

How to Live Safely in an Online Universe

If this was a movie, there would be a flashback to my freshman year in high school when Alanis Morisette’s “Ironic” was playing on the radio, Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness was the craze, and the 33.6k modem had just been released.

World SF: Our Possible Future

For some, the fact that you are reading this on a screen is amazing. For me, however, what’s impressive is that you could be from any part of the world: London, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seoul, Perth, Cape Town, etc, and you’re reading this now, not several months—or years—later.

Interview with Tunku Halim

Tunku Halim is a Malaysian-born writer of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. He’s seen two novels published, four collections of short stories, and runs a popular blog at