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C.S.E. Cooney

C. S. E. Cooney is the author of Bone Swans: Stories (Mythic Delirium). She is the author of the Dark Breakers series, Jack o’ the Hills, The Witch in the Almond Tree, and a poetry collection called How to Flirt in Faerieland and Other Wild Rhymes which features her Rhysling Award-winning poem “The Sea King’s Second Bride.” Her short fiction and poetry can be found at Uncanny Magazine, Strange Horizons, Clockwork Phoenix 3 & 5, and The Mammoth Book of Steampunk, and elsewhere.

The Big Bah-Ha

So Beatrice sat up and patted her head. Pigtails still held, thank the Good Goddess Durga, as Dad used to say…although Dad hadn’t believed in any pantheon predating Darwin, had gone gravy to the slaprash an atheist and a scientist and taking in vain the names of all fiend-eating ladygods sharing cross references in the ‘cyclopedia.

Pale, and from a Sea-Wave Rising

Aquilo Vickery Makepeace, anatomy student, was looking for corpses when he found the undine.

It was late morning and blustery. The lighthouse at the end of narrow-necked Point Judith had been destroyed by the gale two days ago, and there she was in the wreckage, silt-drowned and weeping.