January 3, 2023

The Big Glass Box and the Boys Inside

She had a poetic edge to her words and used them in full cascade to warn you. She had been in your place years ago, down to receiving the summer offer from Grey & Tender, LLP. But she got out before the transformation took. She still has the slightest point to her ears. A crystalline cast to her fingers where the nails are sharper than they should be. No longer keratin. Some sort of polished chitin.
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Musings from Maryland

            We’re kicking off 2023 with an issue jam packed with mythology, folklore, and fairy tales. I love tales that twist fate and shine a light on societal issues, entertaining the reader while possibly teaching them a lesson.
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Issue 135

Issue 135 with Original Fiction by Isabel J. Kim, Mari Ness, Lindz McLeod, K.S. Walker, Akis Linardos, and Jordan Kurella. Flash Fiction by Sagan Yee and Michelle Denham. Classic Fiction by V.G. Harrison and LP Kindred. Essays by Eugen Bacon and Monica Valentinelli.
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