September 27, 2022

Asian and Pacific Islanders Special Issue

Special guest editor Iori Kusano will be accepting short fiction submissions for our Asian and Pacific Islanders focused issue that is scheduled to come out in April, 2023. Submissions will be accepted through Moksha October 1st-31st.
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Apex in October 2022

Fall is here for the northern hemisphere, with spring on the way in the south. Wherever your weather is changing, we hope it is pleasant and welcoming as we head into spooky season. We're excited for all the great things we have in store for October, and can't wait to share it with all our readers, supporters, backers, patrons, and friends.
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The Skinless Man Counts to Five

The second body was much like the first. He was tied to the branches upside down, with his head pointed to the ground. He was missing some teeth and an eye and a finger. And, just like the first one, he’d had a ghostdrive placed in his stomach, and a speaker in his throat.
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