September 30, 2021

Interview with Artist Marcela Bolívar

Marcela Bolívar’s exceptional work once again graces the cover of Apex Magazine. Over the five years since our first interview with Bolívar, she has created new and fascinating works of art, finished her post-grad art education, and moved to an entirely different continent.
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The Rat

My mother looked nothing like this woman, but my mind is pulled back into the undertow of her anyway. I see her in the days before she died, her shrunken frame nearly swallowed by white bedding and overstuffed pillows. She sits up as if she’s just remembered something. “Pass me my lipstick,” she says. Cherries in the Snow. Even without a mirror, her hands are steady and she draws on the red pout, smooth and sure. She blots her lips together and says, “That’s better.” Says, “Take a photo to remember me by.”
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Apex in October

September is drawing to a close, the weather is cooling off, and spooky season is here! Apex in October is full of the strange, the surreal, the shocking, and the beautiful.
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