July 6, 2021

Eilam Is Forever

He is at a console, his hands running over the keypad. His fingers are faster than anyone else’s. His mind cannot reach the capacity of my processing power, but the way he thinks, computing thoughtlessly, is akin to my own. The other reason he is my second choice is because he has a 57% chance of being murdered within his first year as captain, but I can work to make him safe.
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Words from the Editor-in-Chief

For many companies, the fiscal year closes at the end of June. It’s a time of financial reckoning. It’s a time of seeing red (losses) or black (profit)—a very stark snapshot of the past year. Unfortunately, Apex Magazine ended the…

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Issue 124

Featuring original fiction by E. Catherine Tobler, Nicole J. LeBoeuf, Kingsley Okpii, Kelly Sandoval, R. Gatwood, and Beth Dawkins.
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