December 2, 2014

Fandom: Not Just Funny Business

As I supervised the towering pile of tentacle hentai, my boss started cursing behind me. “Dammit, dammit! Sell it all, sell it all! They’re going out of business.” While I had always known a company somewhere made the products I helped sell, that was the moment I realized that conventions were more than costumes and fun.
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Interview with Artist Nello Shep

Nello Shep is a digital painter, whose work centers around surrealistic scifiscapes, and dreamlike depictions of outer space and the universe. Shep recently started working as an environmental concept artist on several indie games, and has spent the last few years studying physics and fine art in college.
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Henrietta’s Garden

It started at her dad’s funeral. Her brother gave his eulogy about what a great dad he was and how he took them out for soccer on Sundays, and Henrietta wept a single tear that was not a tear but a daisy petal.
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