September 2, 2014

Enemy States

I try anyway to kill the memory of you. I make the plans. I attempt premeditation. All this time waiting has made me a silent murderer. Is it murder when it’s in war? If the enemy doesn’t do it, you can count on me.
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Interview with Cover Artist Jeff Ward

Jeff Ward is a digital illustrator with an eye for painting fantastic worlds and characters. He’s done work for various big house comic book publishers, as well as game developers and magazines. Apex Magazine is very fortunate to have his work ‘Planet Base’ grace the cover of this issue.
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Interview with Seth Dickinson

As you may have already discovered, Seth Dickinson’s “Economies of Force” is not an easy story to read. It does start out a little humorous, but then takes a dark turn towards an uneasy yet mesmerizing nihilism.
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