March 4, 2014

Invisible Bisexuality in Torchwood

One of the best moments in any episode of Doctor Who is in “The Doctor Dances” when the Doctor explains to Rose that their new friend, Captain Jack Harkness, is “flexible” with his sexuality. Jack doesn’t restrict himself to monosexuality.
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Interview with Claire Humphrey

Claire Humphrey has witnessed more sides of the publishing industry than most writers see in a lifetime. By day, she works as a buyer with Indigo Books, and by night she is the reviews editor for Ideomancer, in addition to writing dark fictions of her own.
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The End of the World in Five Dates

Robin called it an apartment, but it was really part of an old carpet factory in the Junction: an echoing space where one of the looms used to be, furnished with a broken church pew, two wheelchairs, and the bench seat from a minivan.
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