December 3, 2013

Words from the Publisher

The first time I met Lynne and Michael Thomas was at the 2012 Worldcon in Chicago, IL. Along with my senior editor, Janet Harriett, the four of us had gathered at a nearby café to grab a bite to eat and enjoy some coffee.
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Interview with Maria Dahvana Headley

Maria Dahvana Headley is not your average writer. She wears ball gowns and tiaras while writing on occasion. In New York, she once dated everyone who asked her out for a whole year just to see what would happen.
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Our Daughters

Because we do not approve of you having sex with our high school daughters, we have equipped their vaginas with automatic intrusion alarms. Once triggered, these alarms will screech out at unbearable volumes, transmit emergency GPS information to the nearest security forces, and instantly alert the Purity Apps on our phones and phablets.
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