September 4, 2012

An Interview with Adam-Troy Castro

APEX MAGAZINE: "During the Pause" is an intense story both in its moral questions and in its personal immediacy. As a reader, I suspect I'm not the only one who had to hold my breath for five seconds at the end, or the only one who had to think about what I would do.
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Al Snow’s Advice for SF Writers

Unless you’re a professional wrestling fan, you’ve probably never heard of Al Snow. A wrestler who hit the heights of the mid-card in the nineties, he’s never been one of the wrestling fraternity that has broken through into the public consciousness the way main event stars like Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin did.
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Regina sat by her father’s bedside, staring down at his gaunt frame as he shifted his bony legs, trying and failing to get comfortable. She didn’t want him to die. Why was it taking him so long to die?
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