February 5, 2011

A Raggy Dog, a Shaggy Dog

There you are. Right on time. Yes, climb up here where we can see eye to eye. Look, see the nice plant, up on the night table? Come on. Yeah, that’s better. I’m going to get off the bed and move around, but I’ll do it really slowly, okay? Okay.
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Langknech and Tzi-Tzi in the Land of the Mad

“A beautiful day,” Langknech giraffe said to friend Tzi-Tzi. And, indeed, it was a beautiful day. The smiling face of the sun shone down from sky blue, and where there were spigot-clouds sprinkling water (neither one quite knew who turned the handles of these munificent rain-bringers); red flowers sprang up with a cheerful “Pop!”
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Close Your Eyes

“Thank you for bringing me some water,” Lewis said as Amber neared the kitchen table. “Thank you for working to pay the rent on our house, because otherwise we wouldn’t have access to the water that comes free with it.”
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